Hey there, for every healthy treat recipe, there’ll be a little bit of a study on how the main ingredient(s) are good for your dogs. Today we’ll talk about apples.


I know what you’re thinking. Can dogs eat apples? Yes they can. Dogs can eat lots of fruits but only in moderation. Not all fruits though. Avocado, for example, can trigger vomiting. Fruit treats are a great healthy alternative to the ones sold in stores which are full of artificial ingredients. Oh, did I tell you how easy they are to make? Keep reading..


First things first, before you feed your dog an apple, make sure you have removed the peel, core and seeds. Apple seeds contain cyanide which in high levels becomes poisonous and the core is a chocking hazard. 


  • Great source of Vitamin C & A.
  • High in dietary fiber.
  • Anti-oxidant which is great for eyesight, a great coat, amazing fur and a boost to the immune system.


Makes about 60 extra small cookies.

2 Apples

1.5 cups blended oats

0.5 cups natural peanut butter ( or ordinary peanut butter but the healthier the better! )

1tsp extra-virgin olive oil


Blend the apples. Add some natural yogurt or water to help make it smooth and then add the peanut butter and olive oil. Dogs love peanut butter.

Add the blended oats in small portions until your dough is firm but soft. Roll it out and cut using your favorite cookie cutter. Alternatively, you can use a small glass or anything small that can cut.

Bake for 20 minutes. Let them cool and give your dog. 

If it’s the first time, I highly recommend breaking one cookie and giving it to them in small bits, just to allow them to familiarize.


Treats are a great way to train your dogs a few tricks like sit. Works like a reward system. Keep the treats in a tightly sealed container for five days to a week. I hope your pup loves the treats as much as mine do. Much love from Pablo, Proxy and I. See you next time xoxo.